Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hate speech in the wake of Brexit

The report below is from the "Guardian", Britain's major Leftist  paper.  So in the best Leftist style, it leaves out half the story.  The other half is that there has been a huge outpouring of hate towards those who voted to "Leave" -- coming from those who voted "Remain".  The remainers are furious that they are now remainders.  One account of that here.  The truth of the matter is that a climate of political correctness is being challenged -- with some people feeling free to say what was previously forbidden and those who favour political correctness being furious at its breakdown

David Cameron has condemned “despicable” xenophobic abuse after the EU referendum as figures suggested a 57% increase in reported incidents.

The country would not stand for hate crime, the prime minister told MPs.  “In the past few days we have seen despicable graffiti daubed on a Polish community centre, we’ve seen verbal abuse hurled against individuals because they are members of ethnic minorities,” Cameron said.

“Let’s remember these people have come here and made a wonderful contribution to our country. We will not stand for hate crime or these kinds of attacks, they must be stamped out.”

Police believe there has been an increase in hate crimes and community tensions since last week’s referendum. Initial figures show an increase of 57% in reported incidents between Thursday and Sunday compared with the same days four weeks earlier, the National Police Chiefs’ Council said – 85 incidents were reported compared with 54 during the earlier period.

Cameron’s condemnation came amid a growing chorus of concern over intolerance and hostility. The mayor of London and the UK’s biggest Muslim organisation spoke out against a spike in racist abuse in the aftermath of the referendum.

The Polish embassy in the UK said it was shocked at incidents of xenophobic abuse directed at members of its community in the past few days, and the Board of Deputies of British Jews said it was alarmed by reports of harassment and abuse.



Anonymous said...

Liberals are vicious when they are crossed.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are such hypotcrites when it comes to certian issues such as the breaking up of their soviet(European)Union)thats why they want the North American(Soviet)Union

Anonymous said...

If the past is a predictor a large of these "incidents" will be hoax's perpetrated by leftists to promote their cause. This is a tried and true tactic that is being taught to progressive activists and tacitly sanctioned by progressive leadership.


Anonymous said...

The Guardian is a socialist rag who's journalists wouldn't recognise the truth if it bit them on the arse. The mandate is sensationism against conservatives. I am surprised that they are still publishing and have been sued into bankruptcy. I am not surprised they failed to mention the socialists who are whinging about democracy and are venting themselves. Until the reported hate crimes are proven in court against those who have committed them it is a little early to accuse those who voted to leave of racism or xenophobia. It may turn out to be the remain voters actually committing the crimes in order to force the government to reverse the leave decision.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Anon 11:02 Just like our own New York Slimes(Times) and All the Sludge that Fit to Print

Quentin Quail said...

UN the Useless Nations No Peace they have brought No Peace their a failure