Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Term 'Illegal Alien' to Remain at Library of Congress

The Library of Congress will continue using the term “illegal alien” following Friday’s passage of the annual legislative funding bill.

The Library of Congress had proposed changing the term, saying the term “has become pejorative.”

Republicans insisted that the library use terms that reflect federal law, and included language maintaining the federal terminology in the funding bill.

Title 8 of U.S. Code refers to foreigners as aliens, both legally and illegally.

“For seven and a half years we have had a president that wants to ignore the intent of the laws of our land,” Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.) said in defending the language. “We will not allow this body, this House, to ignore the definitions nor the words of the laws that have been voted on in this body, passed by the Senate and signed into law by the president.”

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) told House members he opposed keeping the language “because we understand that even words that start off as neutral descriptors, can over time be used as verbal weapons and knives to inflict pain and disrespect and sow division.”

Late last year Castro introduced the CHANGE act calling for the removal of the term “illegal alien” from federal law and replacing it with “undocumented foreign national.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Common sense prevails over PC poppycock nonsenses this is good

Anonymous said...

Terms such as "illegal" are supposed to be pejorative.

Anonymous said...

And the moronic Democrat thinks that any new label applied wouldn't pick up every bit of baggage the old label carried does he?

Changing the name because of the baggage it carries is just declaring your stupidity for all to see. If you want to solve problems address the baggage, not the name.

Anonymous said...

Illegal is a sick bird. It has come into common use when "Unlawful" went out of style even though unlawful is the correct word to utilize. As noted above the progressives try to legitimize their stance by changing semantics which is useless without addressing the issue. Their new code name has the same issues associated with it.


Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

I can recall when they were named Wetbacks

Anonymous said...

How long until 'undocumented foreign national' becomes forbidden because it carries pejorative connotations?
And, why are they trying to hide the fact that illegal immigrants are in the country illegally?

King Condor said...

Anon 7:28 Liberals are born whiners they just cant get over their all grown up they just go WHINE,WHINE,WHINE

Anonymous said...

Leftists love power and control; they love to control other people's thought and behaviour, and one of their most effective ways of controlling thought is to dictate the words that people can and cannot use, and they accuse people of being offensive if they use the wrong word, and demand they use another one. Words are part of internal dialogue and are one of the two main formats by which we think and reason. (Another mental format is imagery or spatial thought.) Leftist psychologists working in education, and in personal and social change program designs, from which come most of the dictates of which words are acceptable for people to use, know very well that controlling the words people can use controls how people think. They hate specific words that are clear, and prefer fuzzy and nonspecific words, and they like words that imply something left of the word they are trying to ban. They really do have meetings to discuss which words people should be dissuaded from using, and which ones to replace them with, concoct a pretentious rationale to justify it, and plan how to disperse it into society through their "programs". And get the most cunning and manipulative ones in the right mood believing they are in like company and they will admit their motives too. And believe it or not, they hate us, and they really do want to see western society crumble. I am fortunate to have sat in company with them countless times, observing how they work - something few conservatives and their pawns the dumber manipulated leftists have witnessed. Few people have any idea how scheming and treacherous smart leftists can be. When I first witnessed it I didn't believe what I was seeing and hearing, thinking I must be judging them too harshly. So I remained impartially observant so as to observe them as accurately as possible, and time and time again I observed the same and more and worse of it. Smart conscious scheming treacherous leftists manipulating the not-so-smart image conscious ones and the emotionally focused ones. Now I am convinced there are no creatures on the planet more treacherous and dark hearted than the smart leftists from which leftist influence comes from and spreads out.