Monday, June 13, 2016

Blackface is NOT FUNNY!

Though it often seems to amuse students.  Comedy is very risky these days

A racism probe has been launched at a leading university after a medical student 'blacked-up' in a bid to portray a senior lecturer during an end-of-year production.

Cardiff University confirmed it has launched an investigation focusing on the School of Medicine after the third-year student wore black face paint while dressing up as lecturer Doctor T Jeff Allen.

The incident occurred during a student-led annual end-of-year stage production called Anaphylaxis – a satirical comedy about the Medical School which is run every year by the third-year pupils.

The university said it triggered 'a number of complaints' from both students and parents at the play. As those complaints were investigated, a string of 'other issues' were identified, the university said.

A review, ordered by staff, will now be led by Dinesh Bhugra, Professor of Mental Health and Diversity at King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry.



Bird of Paradise said...

Ho boy where we go again all this rediculous PC poppycock cant do anything without offending some bunch of whining little wanks

Anonymous said...

And nobody gave a shit about Michael Jackson's whiteface which cost him big time. What is with this obsession with copyrighting racial features? We are one RACE. The HUNMAN race. Anything else is ethnicity or religion which is a whole different story.

Anonymous said...

Because there is a "Victim Culture" that we are all scared of offending - but hoping we can maybe take advantage of, if at all possible, in some way - even if very indirectly.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

I realy cant stand these foul mouthed comedians tell toilet jokes so i just dont listen to them

King Condor said...

The common sound of the average every day liberal WHINE,WHINE,WHINE