Friday, June 10, 2016

Must not say that women should shave their legs

Most women do so I don't know what the fuss is all about

A mother has slammed a promotional email she received from high street shoe brand Office reminding its customers not to forget to shave their legs.

Mumsnet user Katy, who is on the mailing list, said she would no longer be shopping at the retailer after receiving the 'sexist' email which was advertising its summer collection.

The subject line of the email was 'Show a little leg', while the tagline below read: 'Just don't forget to shave them'.

Katy, 24, who posts under the username AliceInWonderland2, felt others 'should know what s*** they email women' - and criticised the brand for trying to make her 'feel disgusted by something natural'.



Anonymous said...

She is free to criticise any email she gets but her disposition suggests that any male thinking of getting to know her better should think again. You really don't need that sort of antagonism in your life unless you are a sadist.

Bird of Paradise said...

Please whining little liberal wanks please GET A LIFE

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Shave their legs or use Nair

Anonymous said...

Wait, you're going ape-sh!t over an email suggesting you "shave your legs"?

Anonymous said...

Between an irrational and perpetually irritable feminist who shaves her legs, and an honest, kind, emotionally stable woman who does not shave her legs, I know for sure which one I prefer.

Besides, generally speaking, women are their own oppressors, not men, not society. In mixed gender and female workplaces women are quite cruel to each other, spreading malicious gossip about each other, trying to show each other up, pulling each others strings and trying to set one against another, undermining and intimidating each other. And the smarter and more leftist they get, the more subtle and surreptitious their nastiness gets, because their desired image is to be seen as "good" and "caring", so their nastiness is mostly subtle and underhand in an effort to preserve their good and caring image. Women are more image conscious on every level of their being than men are. All feminists have an external locus of control - reflexively thinking their surroundings govern their behaviour. They are perpetually irritable, tutting and sighing, huffing and puffing, and always blaming others and justifying themselves. Feminist psychologists talk a lot about having an internal locus of control, of having their own agency, but to them its just a term to make themselves feel good while saying it in conversation with other women. They don't actually get the concept. They are like a parrot trained to say something wise that it does not understand. When the subject changes they soon revert back to blaming men and society for their own behaviour, for all their own failings and things they don't like about themselves. And they encourage other women to be like that too, to live in a victim mindset, to have a disgruntled attitude, and to call it self-empowerment. Really, they are quite unwell. All people mature when they come to realise that what they do they do themselves. And their outlook, attitude and state of mind is their own as well.

Olaf Koenders said...

She's in a flap over nothing, as most feministas and the perpetually outraged are. Were she in an Islamic country she couldn't show anything - not even hair AND be convicted of adultery if she's raped.

She should shut up now.