Thursday, June 23, 2016

Must not say that British-born people are most likely to know what's best for Britain

Infighting has broken out in the Remain campaign after pro-EU Apprentice boss Lord Sugar said a Brexit campaigner should not 'tell us British what we should do' because she is from Germany.

He was attacking Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who is from Bavaria and moved to Britain in 1974 and was representing the Brexit camp in the last major TV debate before Thursday's referendum.

James McGrory, the spokesman for the official Britain Stronger In Europe campaign, said his remarks were 'utterly unacceptable'.

It was an extraordinary outbreak of infighting within the Remain campaign just hours before polls open in Britain's first referendum on EU membership in 41 years.

Ms Stuart, now a British citizen, was representing the Leave campaign alongside Boris Johnson and Tory minister Andrea Leadsom in front of 6,000 people at a high-stakes debate Wembley Arena.

Businessman and Remain backer Lord Sugar took exception at her appearance in the debate, tweeting: 'I find it strange that Gisela Gschaider a 1974 immigrant from Germany is on the Brexit panel telling us British what we should do.'

He added: 'She immigrated to UK from Germany in 1974. 30 mins ago was advocating that we stop immigration from the EU.'

And after one of his Twitter followers branded him a 'racist', Lord Sugar replied: 'You ignorant fool. How can my comment be classified as racist. Crawl back under your rock'.

[Lord Sugar is Jewish]



Bird of Paradise said...

The totaly contaminating effects of Diversity and multiculteraislm

Anonymous said...

In the United States immigrants often have the clear view of where society is going since they have just gone through classes and taken a citizenship test. The majority of the US population fails miserably on citizenship and how the government works. The EU is a parallel to the United States with what used to be nations now relegated to state status with a largely incompetent progressive central government that keeps mandating social change that largely does not benefit the income providers or working and professional people in the EU. The Exit campaign is just a symptom of forcing progressive social change by taxing those that produce to pay for "refugees", slackers, and their needs.


Anonymous said...

Strangers, outsiders, immigrants, can often see clearest. They have outside experience that enables comparative thought and wider perspective. An Indian lady told me she thought the worst thing that could happen to Australia would be for more non-whites to come into the country and get too much influence on government. She said only whites should be in government because everyone else are trouble makers. Of her own people she said they are weak. I think she doesn't yet have insight into white leftism and its manipulation of non-whites as pawns in its cause. An Indian man told me he thought Indian men are fearful and give way to bullies, and are collectively minded. An Iranian man told me, "All my people are mad, they are insane in the head". He is a Christian and attributes his acquired clarity of mind and kindness of heart to Christianity. An old Chinaman told me, You whites should keep control of your country because you are the most sensible people in the world, with us Asians next and blacks least. He said, Look at the inventions and the practical and social developments that come from the three races in their respective countries and that order of intelligence is clear. Again, I don't think he fully appreciated leftist cunning. A Lebanese man with whom I was observing a large group of Lebanese said to me, Those people should not be coming into this country. They hate you and want to ruin your country, even their well behaved parents encourage their youth to disrespect Australia and hate you white Australians. He told me they would bash me if they got half a chance, and he was right, later they tried and would have. That same group later surreptitiously emptied bins of sewage into a public swimming pool. I could cite many examples of sensible immigrant eyes seeing clearly what is going on in this country. I have observed that generally White South Africans are particularly able to see things as they are.

Anonymous said...

The British upper class still resent the allowing the lesser classes to have the vote. They still live in a fantasy world. If Britain leaves they might finally be able to eject the Gypsies.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The liberal stuffed shirts sniffing and snorting at us birds of the lower classes arogant old peacocks they just ruffle my feathers