Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Must not disparage the looks of any woman

Conservative Australian politician in hot water

Daniel Parasiliti, who was lucky to survive as a candidate after it emerged last month he posted racist and sexist abuse on Facebook, is again in hot water with his party, this time over a post he made on Twitter nearly three years ago.

Mr Parasiliti criticised the use of Frozen actor Kristen Bell in a beauty product advertisement because she was, in his eyes, ugly. "If you want to sell skin care don't have a d-class celebrity with a head like a half-eaten pie to sell ur product," he wrote.

Labor's spokeswoman for Women's Interests Simone McGurk said Mr Parasiliti's comments were unacceptable.

"I think the Liberal Party must have standards and if the Liberal Party won't make him stand down I think the premier should step in and make the call because he does not want someone making offensive comments against women representing the Liberal Party in the state election," she said.

Mr Cox on Monday accused Labor of double-standards and said Labor's emergency services spokesperson Margaret Quirk had previously retweeted inappropriate comments about federal Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop.


Not sure what Mr Parasiliti could have against Kristen Bell.  She looks great to me.  He is of Italian origin so maybe he just likes dark eyes. But everybody is entitled to their own tastes


Bird of Paradise said...

That means no more of Roy Orbisons(RIP)hit OH PRETTY WOMAN becuase it offends whining liberals

Anonymous said...

There are idiots of all political stripes.


Spurwing Plover the fighting Shorebird said...

Like with Obama's seven extra states Gore unable to reconise toe founding fathers while touring Monicello

Anonymous said...

I'm with you JJR - I think Kristen Bell is gorgeous.
However, if you want to see a woman with a face like a half eaten pie, google Simone McGurk or Margaret Quirk.

King Condor said...

Mihelle Obama has a face that would stop a clock

Anonymous said...

Maybe he meant his statement as an opposite comment or opposite compliment? Something like when some people call a tall person shorty, or a redhead bluey, and some young ones call something "sick" when they like it. She is certainly beautiful.