Friday, June 24, 2016

Australia: Jocular comments about shutting up a talkative  female journalist provoke anger

Football club president Eddie McGuire made the comments on radio station Triple M last Monday, during the ‘Big Freeze at the G,’ where celebrities slid into ice water to raise money for research into motor neurone disease

McGuire landed in hot water after saying he would pay $50,000 to see  Caroline Wilson stay under a pool of iced water and charge an extra $10,000 for "everyone to stand around the outside and bomb her". 

The comments came just days before McGuire welcomed a new AFL women's team into the Collingwood fold, and the furore arrived during the White Ribbon AFL round, which is aimed at prevention of violence against women. 

Frawley, also an ex-Richmond coach, chimed in by saying Wilson should be held under the freezing water, adding: "I'll actually jump in and make sure she doesn't [come up] ... I'll hold her under, Ed."

The segment was part of Triple M's coverage of the Big Freeze at the MCG on the Queen's Birthday public holiday, which raised more than $2 million for motor neurone disease research and awareness.

Triple M had crossed to McGuire as he prepared to enter the pool of iced water when he went on a diatribe about Wilson.

"In fact, I reckon we should start the campaign for a one-person slide next year - Caroline Wilson," McGuire said.

"And I'll put in 10 grand straight away, make it 20. And if she stays under, 50. What do you reckon guys?"

North Melbourne president and media personality James Brayshaw also agreed to McGuire's plan.

Brayshaw suggested the crowd would also contribute to the fundraiser. "If you ran that auction from down there, I reckon you'd start grabbing some bids out of the seats too. There'd be money piling in everywhere," he said. Frawley added: "I'll be in amongst it, Ed."

To which McGuire replied: "I reckon we could charge 10 thousand for everyone to stand around the outside and bomb her."

In a media release, Mr McLachlan said he contacted McGuire, Brayshaw and Frawley on Sunday.

"The AFL expressed the strong view ... that although seeking to be light-hearted, the language and tenor of the wording could be seen to be supporting violent attitudes or actions against women, and was therefore clearly not appropriate," he said.



Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of idiots. In Australia we can punish a 13 year old girls for an innocuous remark but a media football commentator with a history of racial remarks gets a free pass yet again, this tome on a sexist remark. If you are locally famous, a club president and a media favourite then you are immune from punishment. If you lean to the left then the powers that be will support you. I can guarantee if he was conservative his arse would be grass. Such hypocrisy.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Open mouth insert foot a common habit amounst liberals