Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Left Endangers the Rest of Us When It Uses Terms Like ‘Haters’ and ‘Bigots’

In August 2012, a gunman entered the office building in downtown Washington, D.C., that houses the Family Research Council (FRC), a Christian organization dedicated to traditional moral teaching. By his own account, available on video, he was alerted by secular progressive “watchdog” groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, that painted the FRC as a “hate group.”

The shooter explained that this made him intend to kill as many of its members as he could, as he later told the FBI. In the event, he fired at and hit a security guard, who disarmed him before his dream of mass murder could be fulfilled.

As was noted at the trial, where the gunman was given a twenty-five-year sentence, without that guard’s quick action, in all likelihood the result would have been a bloodbath.

Moreover, the would-be killer intended to move on to attack another Christian group, the Traditional Values Coalition, that had been similarly designated by progressive watchdogs for “hating.”

Yet social media and other denigrations of religious believers as “haters” and “bigots” and the rest by so-called watchdog groups roll on—exactly as if words mean nothing.



Anonymous said...

Political Correctness has run amok !

Anonymous said...

FRC IS a hate group.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hate groups in america the NBPP,Nation of Islam,Codepink,PETA,Earthfirst, and The Obama Clan

Anonymous said...

So who's at fault here - gunmen or bigots - or both? Same with the other examples - so what's new!)

Anonymous said...

Apparently words can hurt - but only when wielded by conservative white males.
Everyone else gets a pass.

Anonymous said...

The SPLC should be shut down because of its prejudice against whit Christians especially but also any conservative cause they disagree with, which is all. Their speech is hate speech, not the speech of those they target. If there truly were right wing extremists then the SLPC would be their first target. It is time that SLPC were held accountable for crimes they triggered by their speech.