Monday, June 27, 2016

Must not mention that a lot of rapes are being committed by "refugees" in Europe

A formal complaint has been made against a councillor after he repeatedly referred to refugees as 'rapefugees' and sparked a council meeting walkout.

The comment was made by Pontypool Independent councillor Mike Harris who wrote 'Rapefugees or BREXIT?' when he posted a newspaper article in the Torfaen Matters group on Facebook.

Following the comments Labour AM for Torfaen, Lynne Neagle, has made a formal complaint.

Yesterday at a Safer Communities committee meeting at Torfaen County Borough Council committee members walked out over concerns about Cllr Harris' suitability.

He said he believes there are 'genuine refugees' but that he supports what UKIP leader Nigel Farage says.

The comment he made on social media sparked outrage with users who hit back at the councillor saying it was a 'horrible word' and one said 'you can't seriously call all refugees rapists'.

Now Ms Neagle has filed a formal complaint. She said: 'Mike Harris' use of the term 'rapefugees' to describe people fleeing persecution is completely unacceptable.

'This inflammatory and discriminatory language is even more disturbing given that he has the responsibility of chairing the Safer Communities Committee in Torfaen - a position he has now brought into disrepute.



Anonymous said...

Truth is considered to be not acceptable among the Politically Correct Liberals.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Common Liberal(Whinus,Snivelus)Can be reonized by their blank expressions staring eyes high pitched whining voices and total lack of brains

Anonymous said...

To call the majority of migrants refugees is offensive. The majority are adult males seeking a better life not escaping persecution and oppression. If they were then were are their families? Would such supposed refugees leave their family to suffer what they ran away from? Only cowards would whereas economic migrants would do exactly as these people are.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The Euroweenie Union opens itself up to so called refugees lets see them reap what they have sown I dont blame britian for pulling out

Anonymous said...

Truth is Kryptonite to all liberal schemes and the smart, if there is such a thing as a smart, liberal knows it. This is why the propaganda spewers, aka msm, must control the narrative. Controlling the language itself is the icing on the cake.