Monday, June 06, 2016

Only Leftists can talk about white privilege

Leftists are always talking about white privilege but only in order to condemn it.  To celebrate it is not allowed. Black pride is good but white pride is bad. And the flag the kid below brought along is from a time and place of clear white privilege so was appropriate. 

It is certainly true that there is white privilege, depending on whom you are comparing whites with.  An average white IQ of 100 compared with an average  black IQ of 85 certainly is a big privilege -- and certainly something for whites to celebrate.  But compared to East Asians with a average IQ of 105, whites are not privileged at all.  But the privilege is not because of racism.  It is just the way things are.  Groups differ in various ways, and trying to abolish that won't work

GLENDALE, Wis. —Nicolet High School administrators alerted parents Wednesday to what they called a “derogatory and offensive demonstration” involving a Confederate flag inside a classroom.

Parents said a student showed up to school with the flag and announced during an English class that it was white privilege day.

Police were called to the school, and the student was suspended.

Nicolet High School Principal Gregory Kabara sent an email to parents, letting them know what happened.

“This action disrupted the class and upset many students. While district policy allows for students to initiate conversation about a controversial issue, it must be presented in the ordinary course of classroom instruction and cannot be disruptive to the educational setting. The student's actions were a clear violation of this policy,” Kabara’s statement read in part.

Kabara said the incident has been taken seriously by school administrators and is under investigation. School personnel are being made available for students to talk with about the incident, he said.



Anonymous said...

Oh my, how absolutely ridiculous.

Bird of Paradise said...

Darn two faced leftists scumballs think their so privlaged themselves when in reality their nothing but spoiled little snots in need to a smack across their kissers

Anonymous said...

If whites are privileged, then they wouldn't get suspended from schools, sacked from workplaces and derided in public for showing some pride in their race.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the student could be in the wrong for the way he went about this. Class disruption is a real thing. But suspension was way too harsh a punishment. And, calling the police was an absolute over-reaction. Beyond all that, Black History Month anyone? The Left has made it abundantly clear that fairness and equality are the last things on their agenda.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The leftist NEA and their liberal brainwashing Dack & Jane replaced with Daddies Roomate

Anonymous said...

If it were a Mexican flag and he yelled "viva Mexico" he would have been praised

King Condor said...

Never forget the vodka ad(ABSOLTUE VODKA) showing the western part of the USA as part of mexico