Monday, October 19, 2015

VW engineers the new outcasts

You can't say anything derogatory about blacks, queers or women but holding VW engineers up to contempt is fine

They are the elite of British education who have gained a coveted place at one of Cambridge University’s ancient colleges.

But now the students of Gonville & Caius have been lambasted by the Master of the revered institution and damned as the next generation of ‘insider traders, exchange-rate riggers and corrupt Volkswagen engineers’.

Sir Alan Fersht made his astonishing comments after second-year students were caught on CCTV encouraging first years to drink shots as part of a Freshers’ Week initiation ceremony.

The 72-year-old professor was so shocked that he sent an email to all Gonville undergraduates on Friday, demanding that loutish behaviour be ‘nipped in the bud’.

He claimed there was a ‘national scandal of students drinking irresponsibly, indulging in laddish behaviour and sadistic initiation rights, and men plying women with drink and abusing them’



Anonymous said...

They are just imitating how American frat activities are seen across the world.

Bird of Paradise said...

Like the useful idiots marching around calling Land Rover Climare Crinimals just typical of the eco-nazis