Thursday, October 29, 2015

School Paper In Hot Water After Cartoon Offends Black Students

Students at a New York public university are outraged after an illustration in the campus paper showed a stereotypical image of a black man standing in a run-down neighborhood:

The illustration in Cardinal Points, the school paper of the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, was made to accompany an article examining admission rates for minorities.

It shows a smiling black man wearing a cap and gown and carrying a diploma, while walking through an urban hellscape featuring a mangled stop sign, a car on cinder blocks, and buildings with boarded up windows and graffiti.

Students say the image is both racist and ignorant.

“I’m from New York City. There’s no community that looks like that [with a] broken stop sign, burnt down buildings or cars that look that way,” student Antwan Clark told local WPTZ News.

The editors of Cardinal Points posted an apology on the paper’s website.


The critics seem to have lost sight of the fact that it WAS a cartoon!


Anonymous said...

The CARTOON was a fairly accurate depiction of many predominantly minority areas of Detroit, Chicago, and Newark so that was too close to home. New York city has spent millions on federal funds to clean up it's minority neighborhoods or they would be similar.


Anonymous said...

Cartoons of a social or political nature are often meant to be satirical, but that isn't understood or appreciated by those whom they target as they don't want to admit even to themselves how much truth the cartoons reflect - most infamously by Muslims and by some other religious groups, as well as by certain ethnic communities (as in this case)!

Bird of Paradise said...

Sure is better then crap like The Boondocks and the usial liberal crap from Tom Toles,Rex Babin and Clay Bennet. If you want to see some real good conservative cartoons look up BRANCO CARTOONS

Anonymous said...

How the hell is that stereotypical? Are they refusing to admit there may be whites also living in the same area. If anything is stereotypical it is the devaluing of people gaining degrees which are becoming worthless because everyone has one because the system deems it so. Once trade schools took people who didn't fit the advanced education route. These numbers have been reduced which has seen an explosion in the wages of tradesmen due lack of competition. If this trend keeps up then I can see tradesmen being justly paid more than university professors. The average graduate is only qualified to ask 'would you like fries with that?'

Alpha Skua said...

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