Wednesday, October 21, 2015

‘No Haitians': New York staffing agency posts blatantly racist job ad for nurses

It's pretty clear that the advertisers have had bad experiences with poorly educated Haitians but they were foolish to let Haitians know that.  They should have just allowed Haitians to waste their time applying for a job they were never going to get.  So who is compassionate here?

Nurses in New York state are outraged over a job ad seeking a female nurse, but specifying, “no Haitians,” CBS New York reports.

The ad in a local Pennysaver newsletter was posted for a position in West Haverstraw, a town in upstate New York by Interim Healthcare Inc., a staffing company for home health care, according to their website. The post asks for a “laid back nurse, no haitians” and promises a weekly paycheck.

“It’s very distasteful, hurtful for this day and age, to have this published,” Mireille Leroy, a 24-year nurse and president of the Haitian American Nurses Association of Rockland County said, adding that kind of “racism will not be tolerated.”

New York State Senator David Carlucci told the station his office has been flooded with complaints.

“I’ll be calling on the commissioner of labor and the attorney general to do a thorough investigation to make sure that this form of racism, this form of discrimination is not tolerated in our state at all,” he said.



Bird of Paradise said...

Here comes the ACLU and the liberal civil rights brownshirts

Anonymous said...

Funny enough, while everybody is screaming racism over the "No Haitians" part, nobody is remembering to scream sexism over the "Female nurse wanted" part. Why is it acceptable to request a particular gender of in-home care nurse, but not to request a particular cultural background?

Dean said...

8:24 Nobody is crying about the female nurse part because it is impossible to discriminate against / offend males.

Alpha Skua said...

Liberbals just to find something to whine about all the time

Stan B said...

The last time I looked - Haiti was a Country, not a Race. But hey, these are uneducated liberals we're dealing with.

Anonymous said...

It is not about race, it is about incompetence.

Anonymous said...

10:12 White males. All else are able file for discrimination.