Tuesday, October 13, 2015

British police must not wear a British Flag patch in case it causes 'offence'

Too bad if it did, one might think

Police officers wearing an emotive 'thin blue line' badge in tribute to PC David Phillips who was killed on duty have reportedly been told they are not allowed to display the patch because it may cause 'offence'.

Metropolitan Police officers were apparently told they are forbidden to wear the badge - a black and white Union flag with a 'thin blue line' through it - because it could upset 'some communities'.

Officers had been keen to display the poignant patch in tribute to father-of-two PC Phillips who was knocked down and killed by a stolen pick-up truck in Merseyside on Monday.

However, a high-ranking Scotland Yard officer apparently told staff wearing the badge could provoke ill-feeling or cause offence in some communities.

However, earlier this week, after PC Phillips' death, Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said he had 'no issue' with his officers wearing the badge, the newspaper said.



Anonymous said...

It is not a god given right not to be upset. Those who are upset by a flag badge do not have enough to do to place that in perspective.


Anonymous said...

The professionally offended will always find some reason to be offended usually on behalf of others who really do not care. Let them be offended !

Bird of Paradise said...

If their offended then they can always leave and return to where they came from

Alpha Skua said...

Soon they'll be doing it in america becuase Old Glory offends some dirty maggot hippy

Anonymous said...

Tell 'em to get stuffed and wear the badges with pride. If the higher ups don't back then you will know exactly where you stand in the food chain. They might change their ideas if you withdraw your labour.

Moonbird said...

So if you live in a nice conservative neighborhood and you fly old glory on every american holiday and some nambdy pambdy neightbof demands you quit fling the flag becuase it offends them what you tell them? GO POUND SAND DIRTY HIPPY or GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM