Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Toys R Us faces bizarre race row over children's dolls

Toys R Us is facing a bizarre race row after selling a family of black dolls for £3 less than white ones.

The children’s retailer was found to have the ‘Wooden Dolls Family’ product of a white father, mother, son, daughter and baby figures on sale for £9.99 on its website.

However the ‘ethnic’ version - which features the same five dolls, but as black relatives wearing different outfits - was available for about two thirds of the price, at just £6.99.

A Toys R Us spokesman told The Sun that it had made a mistake, adding: ‘This £6.99 was simply a keying error on a pricing - the ethnic family should be £9.99 as well. The price will be changed.’



Anonymous said...

The professional complainers will always find something to fuss about on behalf of others who probably do not care anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Toys R Us, why don't you just admit that the "ethnic" version was just not selling and you wanted to move 'em?

Bird of Paradise said...

A talking liberal doll it gose WHINE,WHINE,WHINE

Anonymous said...

What is this crap doing posing as news? Who beyond the professional whingers who really gives a shit? What would the whingers claim if the prices were reversed? Do black kids really want to play with the ethnic dolls?

Alpha Skua said...

Why do liberals always insist on being such a bunch of sniveling,whining little pansies?