Thursday, October 29, 2015

Must not advertise for a 'good looking girl' to fill a job  vacancy

Fat feminists would object

A property company who used a modelling agency to advertise for a 'good-looking girl' to fill a receptionist vacancy has been blasted by MPs.

Advertising agency the Modelling Network posted the 'sexist' advert on their Facebook and Twitter pages saying it was on behalf of Kingston Letting Agents in Cathays, Cardiff.

Now politicians - including former Labour leader Harriet Harman - have hit out at the advert. Ms Harman warned the job advert as 'unlawful' - and called for the Equality and Human Rights Commission to step in.

The advert said the employee was needed to 'get students in' for a lettings company in the Welsh capital.

Kingstons Residential letting agents on Wyeverne Road, in Cathays, Cardiff, (pictured) said the post was a practical joke but denied having any association with the modelling company

Jo Stevens, Labour MP for Cardiff Central, posted: 'Shocked by this job advert from one of our local letting agencies #everydaysexism.'

Kingston Letting Agents initially said the post was a 'practical joke' - but denied having any association with the company. They added they are 'extremely shocked' and had 'no knowledge' of the company.

Laura Tresfon, Accounts Manager at Kingstons said the job has been advertised on official job sites and the gender of the person is 'neither here nor there'. The company also apologised on their Facebook page.

The post read: 'The events today where completely and totally astonishing to us as we were caught completely unaware regarding the inapproved advert, that has caused great offence to our clients and to the wider community.

'We fully understand the offence it has caused as we are an investor in people.'

A spokesman for the EHRC said they were investigating the complaint.



Anonymous said...

Does sound like a joke, and when it's well known such wording isn't allowed, but maybe the publicity was deliberately sought.

stinky said...

Why would fish care what bicycles think?

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rat's as long as a job is offered? Why can't a business advertise for a good looking receptionist? It save a lot of rejections because one way or another they will select a receptionist based on the same criteria regardless of how the add is phrased. It might also motivate people to do something about their personal image if it gets them a job. Time to end the PC BS it is killing western society.

Anonymous said...

Well said 6:36 PM !