Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New speech rules in British schools

Being enforced with Fascist zeal

Children as young as five will be told not to use sexist language such as ‘sissy’, ‘cupcake’ and ‘man up’ under new Government guidelines.

Teachers are being urged to treat such words and phrases as seriously as they would racist insults in a bid to stamp out gender stereotyping in schools.

The guidelines, which will be published tomorrow and sent to every school in England, advise head teachers to appoint experienced teachers as ‘gender champions’. Some schools have already assembled squads of volunteer students to report any sexist language and behaviour to staff.

The guidelines were drawn up by the Institute of Physics as part of a bid to tackle stereotypes in schools that lead to fewer girls than boys studying science.

The guide suggests that schools should find strategies to get more girls to study so-called ‘male’ subjects such as economics and physics at GCSE and A-level, while boys should be encouraged to take more ‘female’ subjects including English literature, foreign languages and psychology. [Why?]



Stan B said...

WHY? Because everyone knows that in a truly gender neutral society, every profession would be divided between the genders by exact population proportions, and that they are not is not an indication of innate differences of personal taste but a result of misogynistic males oppressing females, while the other males blithely buy in to the whole system. That's WHY!

Anonymous said...

As usual, the article doesn't make it clear if somehow the recommendation is entirely confined to England, or if it's the usual anglocentic mis-use of "England" to actually mean the whole UK (with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

Bird of Paradise said...

P.C. Nonsense hits england time to abolish the Euroweenie Union

Anonymous said...

They obviously have not learned the lessons of Nazi Germany and other regimes that started this way and went far worse.


Anonymous said...

Paging Agent O'Brien, paging Agent O'Brien... please report to the Staff Room.

Alpha Skua said...

The Soviet Unions not quite as dead as we were told its now the European Soviet Union and becarful they want to do the same with the USA

Anonymous said...

Next stop - re-education camps for offenders

Moonbird said...

Hitler and Stalin would be so proud