Sunday, October 11, 2015

V8 Supercars driver labels female team the ‘p***y wagon’

V8 Supercars driver David Reynolds has been fined $25,000 for a comment he made about the series’ first all-female team at the Bathurst 1000 since 1998.

Speaking at the press conference at the end of the first day of practice for Australia’s greatest motor race, Reynolds made an off-the-cuff quip about Harvey Norman Supergirls duo Renee Gracie and Simona de Silvestro.

A journalist asked Reynolds if he was wary of the all-female team.

He responded by asking: “Was I aware of the p***y wagon?”

“Yeah, I think that’s great. Renee and Simone are really good people and really good drivers. I hope they perform well for us. I really hope they go well. Simone has never been here before and she doesn’t even understand we have a Kangaroo flag. I thought that was standard.”

Reynolds issued a statement to apologise for his comment. “I unreservedly apologise for a comment I made in a press conference earlier today in relation to my female teammates,” he said.

“While it was intended to be humorous, I understand it has caused offence.



Anonymous said...

Oh my, what an egregious offense; at least to the professionally offended.

Anonymous said...

They didn't finish more than a couple of laps in the 161 lap race. The reason was the female driver crashed after encountering fluid on the track. Nobody in front of her or behind her crashed in what would have been a very congested field art that point in the race. Obviously she wasn't used to Bathurst race conditions and seeks to blame anyone but her for being responsible for her accident. If you can't play with the big boys then go home. There were many male drivers who failed to finish but I did not hear them making excuses. Definitely the Pussy Wagon.

Anonymous said...

He got fined for making a joke in public that he should really only have shared in private.
That's the world we live in now.