Wednesday, October 28, 2015

U of Wisconsin Bans "Politically Correct" as Politically Incorrect

    The phrase “politically correct” is now a microaggression according to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

    The university’s “Just Words” campaign is the work of UWM’s “Inclusive Excellence Center” and aims to “raise awareness of microaggressions and their impact”—microaggressions like “politically correct” or “PC.”

Enforcing political correctness is a great way of raising awareness of it. But then you have to ban any mention of "political correctness" so that no one realizes you're enforcing it because if you eliminate the word, the problem goes away.

It worked in Orwell's 1984. It's bound to work now.

    The university, however, claims that calling something “politically correct” “has become a way to deflect, [and say] that people are being too ‘sensitive’ and police language.”

Where would they possibly get the idea that people are too sensitive and policing language? Maybe it's from all the language policing. Why then we'll just ban the language.

    The university also claims the word “lame” is a microaggression that somehow both “ridicules and ignores the lives of amputees” and therefore shouldn’t be used.

It's not just a joke. It's also a police state.

    Interestingly enough, while the university’s Inclusive Excellence Center has labeled several common-use adjectives harmful, the man running the campaign, Warren Scherer, the director of the university’s Inclusive Excellence Center, has taken to Twitter to accuse Mike Huckabee of “pandering to Republican Jews” and accused presidential candidate Rand Paul of courting “rich Jews.”

But anti-Semitism is politically correct now. On the other hand, lame offends the lame and politically correct offends the politically correct.



Stan B said...

To all those suffering from "microaggressions," I say in the most supportive and safe way the words of the immortal Gunny: SUCK IT UP, SUNSHINE!

Anonymous said...

So, if the term "politically incorrect" is used in a policy that bans it, isn't the policy also a "micro-agression"?

Use the Name, Luke said...

Isn't actively attacking people for their word choices "macro-aggression"? Is "macro-aggression" okay, while "micro-aggression" isn't? Is "micro-aggression" set to become the next phrase to take over the spot currently occupied by "politically correct"?

Anonymous said...

yes, and suggesting or accusing anything or somebody of "micro-aggression" is itself a form of micro-aggression (PC-ism swallows its own tail!).

Bird of Paradise said...

All those micro-brained known nothings running our uniserities their brains have shrunk to pea size from their years of drugs and booze

Anonymous said...

Presumably 'racist' 'nazi' and 'sexist' are all micro-aggressions too???

Alpha Skua said...

Anon 7:21 many of our collages are run by racist liberals of the left