Monday, October 12, 2015

EU urges fight against online hate speech

Is it hate speech or is it a reasonable protest to say that the acceptance of a parasitical and hostile flood of Muslims into Europe is unwise?  Their deficient language skills alone make them largely unemployable -- to say nothing of their superior attitudes

EU justice ministers have met to try to combat a rise in hate speech and xenophobia spread through social media as Europe grapples with an unprecedented influx of refugees.

Facebook pledged last month to fight a surge in racism on its German-language network as Germany has become the top destination for refugees, triggering a backlash from the far Right.

"We realised in Germany that hate criminality has increased significantly on social platforms," German Justice Minister Heiko Maas told reporters as he arrived for talks in Luxembourg.

Maas was to brief his EU counterparts about talks with Facebook and other sites as well as German initiatives to fight what he said was a European-wide problem.



Anonymous said...

Islam is a religion of male supremacy and hate against all non-believers and outsiders.

Anonymous said...

The left and their hate meme again. If any religion is full of hate it is Islam. Islamophobia and xenophobia are bullshit words used by politicians and the media to cower the populace who resent their country being invaded.

Stan B said...

If not for the American 1st Amendment, our country would long ago have succumbed to the idea that "hate speech" is a crime. As it is, they have said that if I kill you because I hate what you represent, you are somehow more dead than if I just kill you because I want your purse or wallet.

I feel pity for the native Europeans who will see their own love of "tolerance" and "acceptance" used to destroy the very tolerance and acceptance they are offering to those who will refuse to assimilate and will take over when they have achieved critical mass, as they have in every country they have invaded.

Bird of Paradise said...

To liberals hate speech is any speech from conservatives and the Euroweenie Union is a bunch of weenies

Alpha Skua said...

Hate speech such as GOD BLESS YOU?