Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Must not mention that France is mostly white

A French European MP was fighting for her political future on Wednesday after coming under attack for describing France as a country of “white race”.

Nadine Morano, of the right-wing The Republicans party, could be barred from standing in regional elections in December over her remarks, in which she also said France was a “Jewish-Christian” country.

Former president Nicolas Sarkozy, who heads the party – the main opposition to the governing Socialists – has asked the leadership to withdraw Morano from its list of candidates for the biggest electoral test of 2015.

Morano, a former minister with a reputation for gaffes and unguarded Twitter comments, said in a television interview on Saturday that: “We are a Jewish-Christian country... of white race, which takes in foreigners.”

Morano has been condemned from all points of the political spectrum, and the head of The Republicans’ list of candidates for eastern France, Philippe Richert, said her comments had had a “devastating effect” on his campaign.



Anonymous said...

The French have been ridiculous for a long time.

Anonymous said...

The more immigrants that come into a democracy and get the vote, the more the politicians must pander to their imported/foreign prejudices.

Anonymous said...

Again Truth is not acceptable top be spoken aloud.


Bird of Paradise said...

The french national bird is a chicken Go Figure

Alpha Skua said...

The french are not what they used to be but they never have been since WW II

Anonymous said...

11:57 Make that WW1 as they were next to useless then.

Anonymous said...

8:28 PM You are not being fair. The French together with the British Empire forces stopped the Germans advancing any further, until the Americans belatedly put some troops in and tipped the balance in the stalemate on the Western Front.