Friday, October 02, 2015

Must not say ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’

A long-sleeved T-shirt on sale at British retailer Next has sparked outrage on Twitter, with a leading mental health and equality charity joining the debate.

The Audrey Hepburn quote 'Happy girls are the prettiest' appears on the top aimed at girls aged from three to 16 years.

However, the use of the slogan has prompted protests on social media, with some arguing that it is a negative message and equates happiness directly with attractiveness.

The first complaint seemed to come on September 5 from Eleanor Pugh-Stanley, who tweeted: '@nextofficial selling this 2 girls. Don't care where the quote comes from this is not ok! @fawcettsociety @FeministUK'

In recent days the T-shirt, which is currently on sale for between £9 and £12, has attracted a further backlash on Twitter from individuals - with mental health charity Mind even joining the debate.

The slogan is a shortened version of a well publicised quote by popular 1950s screen idol Hepburn. Her original words were: 'I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.

'I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.'

Twitter user FeministUK highlighted that the message, although well intended, could heap pressure on those suffering from mental health problems.

She said: 'Pretty mean on all us miseries suffering with mental ill health. No pressure girls of today!'

Another, @glosswitch said: 'It suggests to me that for girls being pretty is worth more than being happy.'



Anonymous said...

Being happy usually increases attractiveness.

Anonymous said...

the liberals have it backwards as usual, what it is saying is that if you're happy, you're attractive (nothing to do with outward appearance, other than perhaps a smile).

Anonymous said...

I have found that people with a personality are generally more alive and that makes others more attracted to them no matter their physical appearance. Hepburn obviously also saw this. Liberals/Progressives generally have no real personality, preferring to live off others.


Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are all screwed up screwballs always whining about something

Anonymous said...

Holy crap - the world is truly full of morons who make it their mission everyday to misinterpret and misconstrue everything they come across.
I despair for our future.

Stan B said...

Now we're seeing things attacked for what they "suggest" to other people. So if you're a moron, and you see something that suggests an unintended, illogical, totally effed up line of thought, I have to worry about offending you? Here's a truly "suggestive" comment. Go. To. Hell.

Anonymous said...

Here's a truly "suggestive" comment. Go. To. Hell.

12:17 AM

With 3 liberal friends please take!