Monday, October 19, 2015

Is The Donald guilty of hate speech?

The woman writing below thinks so. Or is he just being properly cautious about a possible influx of hate-filled Muslims?

What do you define as political campaigning, and what constitutes hate speech?  Donald Trump, I think, constitutes the latter.

He is taking American and World race relations back into the dark ages. His comments are so inciting, so irresponsible, and tragically, he is still the frontrunner in the Republican bid for the White House.

He has been speaking at a rally in New Hampshire and at that rally he said that if he becomes President, he will send home every Syrian refugee.

But what is worse is that he spoke to a school and he said to the children, and I quote “I hear we want to take in 200,000 Syrians. And they could be- listen (he said)- they could be the Islamic State.”

And then he described refugees in America not as people, but as a 200,000-strong army. And he said this to children.

And he told them “if I win, every one of them is going back.”

How would you feel as a parent?

How is it that a school let a campaigning politican speak to students - let alone a twisted, bigoted and globally naïve fool like Trump.

He has crossed a line, I think, and has become fluent in hate speech. Remember he referred to Mexicans, recently, as importers of rape? [See here on Hispanics and rape.]



Anonymous said...

Want to hear hate speech? Listen to the rants of the typical Imam.
The bleeding hearts with their heads in the sand will lose them soon
enough if their brand of tolerance and diversity holds sway.

Anonymous said...

If that is what Trump actually thinks and he's campaigning to be a President, then it's better that the voters are fully informed and can make their own decision.

Anonymous said...

Trump is resonating across ideology, gender, and racial boundaries for a reason. With respect to the Syrian "refugees", the ones I've seen in media pictures and video are 99% fit, Army-age men with bulging muscles. Refugees are typically the old, the weak, women, and children.

Anonymous said...

Why does a New Zealand 'journalist' care about a political candidate in another country?
Its very easy to talk about what a buffoon Trump is but the only people whose opinions matter on that topic are US voters.

Anonymous said...

The really twisted, bigoted, globally naïve fool is the leftist journalist with the Marxist ideology that would welcome potential terrorists and criminals purely for the fact that they are likely to vote Democrat. Obviously this New Zealand journalist is trying to poison waters for Republican support in New Zealand in the hopes of propping up Hilary in international opinion. She proves that the left only know how to hate anyone who does not support their ideals anywhere around the world.

Anonymous said...

6:31 The President of the US isn't just the president of "another country" - he or she will affect the whole World. US voters are given the opportunity to decide, but the rest of the World's people to live with the result.

Anonymous said...

let alone a twisted, bigoted and globally naïve fool like Trump.
Replace Trump with Obama, and we already elected one!

Bird of Paradise said...

Another ding-bat from the liberal halls of boofonery

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:17 So you agree the US is exceptional. If that offends you, I suggest you go about making your country exceptional as well rather than sniping at the US.

Alpha Skua said...

Anon 2:17 Obama is not a president he is a Dictator

Anonymous said...

11:49 - how is 2:17 "sniping at the US"? Perhaps you misunderstand the comment.

Anonymous said...

@11.49 So why do you think 2:17 isn't American from the wording?