Thursday, October 22, 2015

Must not mention that Israel is just defending itself

Former adult actress Jenna Jameson has sparked online outrage after tweeting support for Israel in the wake of recent tension in the area.

The Celebrity Big Brother star, who converted to Judaism after becoming engaged to her partner Lior Britton, urged Israelis to 'stand strong and defend yourself by all means'.

The 41-year-old former porn star's comments, which comes amid fears of a third intifada as violence between Israel and Palestine escalates, has been met with both anger and scorn.

A tweet where she declared to be 'forever Israel', one man responded: '@jennajameson I used to worship you. If you had the soul to feel the plight of innocent Palestinians, I would respect you.'

However, the critique has been drowned by Ms Jameson herself, who has continued to post frequently in support of Israel.



Anonymous said...

What the hell has Israel ever done for us? Why should we protect them?

Anonymous said...

1:00 AM What the hell has Israel ever done for us? Why should we protect them?

You would probably make a fine Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:00 AM -- Plenty. First they've been our only true friend in the middle east and the only true and stable Democracy there.

Second, they've been like another silicon valley in their innovations and the like which have traded back and forth from them to us on a regular basis.

The question you asked of Israel however should be asked of the "Palestinians" who have not only provided nothing of any value but have fostered terrorism and are largely responsible for setting the stage for the terrorism of today and the now unleashed barbarism of ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Arabs have been killing each other in the middle east for the last 3000 years. That is one reason most of the Jewish people migrated from the area. Why they came back to establish their Jewish state there is the largest mistake they have ever made.


Anonymous said...

The Palestinians are now ranked amongst the worlds biggest professional victims. Stir up hatred and controversy and then sit back and watch the fireworks as the gullible lefties around the world take up their cause. If it wasn't for the re-emerging socialism around the world the Palestinians wouldn't have any support apart from Iran and hopefully soon to be collapsed Syria. Russia is going bankrupt and hopefully Syria will tip them over the edge along with their military spending.
Personally there shouldn't be many Palestinian refugees left after 67 yrs. Those born in so called refugee camps don't count as they were never Palestinians having never lived there. The real issue is the Arab countries that have so called refugee camps and never integrated the inhabitants. That is the real crime against humanity because it held false hope for thousands the could never return. The UN created this problem but is incapable of resolving it without breaking the treaty that created Israel. As to the occupied territories, I say the belong to Israel including Gaza as spoils of war. If that can't be supported then there is a lot of territory around the world that needs to be handed back starting with the Crimea and the territories in Georgia or only non-western countries allowed to annex territory that does not belong to them.

Anonymous said...

Some moron said, "Plenty. First they've been our only true friend..."


Anonymous said...

" man responded: '@jennajameson I used to worship you..."

Oh come on, we all know what you truly worshipped.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:30

What the hell have the Palestinian terrorists ever done for us? Why should we protect them?

There, fixed it for ya.

Anonymous said...

12:58 is a retard. No original thought. Right wing shrill. Go back to jerking off in your parents' basement.

Dean said...

So. Those supporting Israel have given reasons for doing so. How about Anon 1:05, Anon 1:22s and Anon 3:00 AM provide a little more than personal insults. Probably they (assuming the posts weren't made by the same person) aren't able to do so.

Come on. State your reasons for supporting Palestinian aggression and terrorism.

Bird of Paradise said...

And Americans are just defending our homeland from the illegal liens(Future demacratic voters)Obama the fink and the U.N. scumrats want to be allowed in