Monday, October 05, 2015

Must not laugh about illegal immigrants

The mayor of a South Wales town has issued an apology after posting a photo on Facebook of desperate refugees running into the back of a lorry with the caption: 'Quick, they've dropped us in Barry.'

Vale of Glamorgan's Labour mayor Fred Johnson shared the picture and posted jokes mocking migrants on the social network.

As well as the doctored lorry image, his online account also featured an edited photo of a plane carrying refugees into the UK, with one of them hanging by his neck from a noose, and he commented on an image of a naked woman on a horse, saying: 'Lovely horse'.

The material, which has since been removed, was slammed by the Welsh Conservatives as 'extremely offensive'.

A Welsh Conservative spokesman told the Mirror: 'Much of this material is extremely offensive and it's hard to believe the Vale of Glamorgan's mayor thinks it's appropriate to share online.

'His attitude towards the refugee crisis is shameful and he should apologise for offence caused.

'Not only has this senior Labour councillor seen it fit to ridicule refugees, he also mocks Barry in the process - a town in which he's the mayor.


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Bird of Paradise said...

The mayors a big time pussietard