Friday, October 23, 2015

Top gym sorry for Nazi graffiti

A LA fitness manager has apologised for his club’s failure to remove graffiti that compares Israelis to Nazis. Chris Smith, regional manager of the leading healthclub’s branch in Kentish Town, north-west London, said the club would now remove a message that read: “Israelis are Nazis”.

The message, which was sprawled on the inside of a locker in the men’s changing room, was spotted by a club member.

Mr Smith said: “It has now been dealt with. The locker’s been locked and [the graffiti] will be dealt with, with immediate effect.”

Composer Benjamin Till, who appeared in Channel 4 show Our Gay Wedding, saw the graffiti on Thursday evening. He said he had initially reported the offensive slogan to another manager three months ago.

The 41-year-old from Highgate, who is Jewish, said he was told that the locker would be permanently shut in July. He said he was surprised to see it again. “It’s astonishing that it’s still there,” he said. “It’s deeply troubling. “To discover that it is still there is offensive.”



Anonymous said...

No comment.

Anonymous said...

The simple solution is to stop going to that club if you are offended or turn your filter on and ignore it. There is no natural right not to be offended. Indeed the prey animals offended our ancestors to death and through the ages just staying alive precluded being offended. It is only now when most humans have far too much free time that they have become offended by anything.


Bird of Paradise said...

Whine,whine,whine the liberals are at it again