Friday, October 09, 2015

Must not say that women are needed around the house

The house is a mess, dinner's been burned, the ironing hasn't been done and the toilet seat has been left up.  France 3 TV featured these scenes of a house in turmoil in an advert boasting about how many female presenters it employs.

The commercial was pulled after a scathing backlash by social media users, government ministers, equal-rights activists and the general public who accused France's second largest public television channel of sexism.

France 3 shared the 38-second clip with its 156,000 followers on Twitter on Friday. As the song, 'Where Have All the Women Gone?' plays, a message on screen reads: 'There are all on France 3.'

To justify the message concept behind the commercial, the Tweet alongside the video read: 'The majority of our presenters are females.'

It was meant to run for three weeks but Delphine Ernotte, the president of French Televisions which controls a host of state-run TV and radio stations, ordered it to be decommissioned, Pure Medias reported.

Prenons-la-Une, a group of female journalists who campaign for equality in industry, said the advert does seek to promote the role of women on TV but 'this is not the right way'. In a statement on its website, they said: 'We too have been shocked by the gender-biased video on France 3.



Anonymous said...

Professional shockees.

Bird of Paradise said...

NOWW National Order of Wicked Witches

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should have shown shoe sales and ladies' toilets empty...?