Tuesday, June 02, 2015

UK: "Sweaty" is a bad word?

Controversial television personality Katie Hopkins has been cleared by police following a series of tweets that referred to Scots as 'sweaty jocks'.

The Sun columnist made the comments after Pauline Cafferkey, from Cambuslang, in South Lanarkshire, contracted Ebola.

Ms Cafferkey - who had volunteered with Save the Children at a treatment centre in Kerry Town, in Sierra Leone - was diagnosed with the deadly virus on December 29, after returning to Glasgow via London.

Remarking on the case, Ms Hopkins wrote on Twitter: 'Sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians just isn't cricket.'

Another tweet said: 'Glaswegian ebola patient moved to London's Royal Free Hospital. Not so independent when it matters most are we jocksville?'

Within hours of the post, James Gilchrist from Glasgow had launched a petition calling for Ms Hopkins to be arrested on the internet.

He said in the petition: 'For years, Katie Hopkins has seemingly gotten away with a string of controversial statements, either via main stream media or social media, without punishment.

'Recently, she has attacked the Scottish people on twitter over the Ebola scare in Glasgow, calling them "Sweaty Jocks" and "Sweaty Glaswegians", before questioning the ability of the Scottish NHS.

Despite the petition gathering more than 20,000 signatures calling for her arrest, the police found no evidence of criminality following a five-month inquiry. 

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: 'An investigation has been carried out and on this occasion no criminality has been established.'



Glen Bateman said...

Who are the brain police?

Anonymous said...

It's obviously the woman's profession to be rude and insulting, but it's not "racist" for the English to disparage the Scots as they are too genetically similar or inter-related to be considered ethnically different. Or is it logical or possible to be "racist" about one's own race?

Anonymous said...

Generated controversy to increase circulation and hits. It is amazing how gullible most people are especially the perpetually aggrieved.


Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are so easly offended their most used expression is WHINE,WHINE,WHINE

Malcolm Smith said...

Doesn't it say a great deal about modern society that people should petition to have a person arrested just because they were offended by what she said?

Alpha Skua said...

Liberals are too darn sensitive and they whine too much

Harold Emory Lauder said...

I am the brain police Mr. Batemen.