Monday, June 15, 2015

Scots don't like getting some of their own back

The abuse towards anyone not of them emanating from Scottish nationalists has been phenomenal -- so a sly dig at them was richly deserved.  They didn't see it that way, however

A new Tory MP has been bombarded with sexist and anti-semitic abuse by SNP supporters after making a joke about the Scots during her maiden Commons speech.

High-flying barrister Lucy Frazer was called a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘slag’ for referring to Oliver Cromwell’s suppression of the Scots more than three centuries ago.

The furore blew up after she noted that her South East Cambridgeshire constituency was once home to Oliver Cromwell, who ‘defeated the Scots… incorporated Scotland into his protectorate and transported the Scots as slaves to the colonies’.

The Cambridge-educated QC, 42, went on to make clear that her reference was light-hearted, joking that it would ‘solve’ constitutional headaches over how much voting power should be given to Scots MPs.

However, within minutes of her speech earlier this month, Ms Frazer’s personal Facebook page was swamped with dozens of deeply offensive messages from so-called ‘cybernats’, who use social media to attack their political opponents.

The posts continued despite the MP saying she was ‘extremely sorry for any offence’ and that she had ‘the highest regard for the Scottish people’. Ms Frazer, who is descended from Jewish immigrants, was subjected to vitriolic anti-semitic jibes.

The incident comes amid growing outrage over the activities of cybernats. On Friday, SNP official Brian Smith resigned after making abusive Twitter comments about the late Charles Kennedy.

An SNP spokesman said: ‘Political debate must be positive and respectful… Ms Frazer’s speech in which she appeared to laugh about Scots slaves being transported to the colonies... was obviously neither.’



Anonymous said...

I guess the exchange of insults by members of political parties across the floor of the "Mother of Parliaments", (especially about "ancient" history and ethnic origins) really serves the needs of the population who elected them to deal with, and find solutions for, the numerous problems facing their nation today!

Anonymous said...

As an American whose is descended from roots in both Scotland and Wales, I am ever so grateful that my ancestors were "transported" to the colonies. We're glad to have them. They are part of what made our country great

BTW, for the perpetually offended, you are NOT guaranteed to never be offended, so get over yourselves, grow up and behave as if you are adults, not whiney children.

Anonymous said...

It seems that members of the US Congress don't behave any better! So an Ocean don't help much!