Sunday, June 28, 2015

Confederate flag must be EXTERMINATED! (2)

A police officer in North Charleston has been sacked after he was pictured wearing Confederate flag boxer shorts.  Shannon Dildine posted the photo, in which he is grinning and otherwise naked, on Facebook allegedly a few days ago. 

It went viral and was spotted by his bosses at North Charleston police department - who fired him the next day.

Police Chief Eddie Driggers sent Dildane a letter saying the Facebook photograph meant he was associated with a symbol of 'hate and oppression' and made it impossible for him to be an officer in Charleston,The Post and Courier reported.

Dildine can appeal the decision within ten days.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I see a first amendment lawsuit in North Charleston's future. More wasted money the taxpayers will have to shell out.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Yet another instance of "Agree with us or we will destroy you" from the left.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess? The police chief is black or a lefty. If his web sites does not mention the police department he works for that has got to be violation of free speech.

Anonymous said...

So, you can't have as underwear the same flag that the SC Capitol has flying?
And these are the guys charging with upholding the law.

Bird of Paradise said...

Barack Obama toilet paper