Monday, June 15, 2015

Miami principal loses job over unremarkable online comment on McKinney pool party

The McKinney pool party video is a national news story. It is something that is shared frequently on Facebook and almost everyone has some opinion on.

Enter a North Miami principal of a school who offered this comment on a news story online.  In the comment section after a story about the incident was posted on the The Miami Herald website, Alberto Iber posted:

“He did nothing wrong. He was afraid for his life. I commend him for his actions.”

I disagree with Alberto Iber about this incident.* But this comment is not only not a fireable offense, but utterly unobjectionable when it comes to social mores and whatever the ism of the day is. He’s losing his job for a political thought crime.

He holds the wrong opinion about this video. He didn’t communicate it with hate or stereotypes or vulgarity. The sin is one of “perceived insensitivity.” The school district actually says so.

On Wednesday, Miami-Dade Public Schools announced Iber’s removal and that they were looking for his replacement.

Isn’t it nice how “perceived insensitivity” puts your employment fate in the hands of whomever feels like objecting to you at any moment? That’s one of the tricks of the Left’s “End of Discussion” tactics—the actual words often don’t matter. It’s how even just one person feels about the words.

Iber reportedly said he meant to post his comment on the Miami Herald’s website anonymously. The comment was later deleted, but not before screenshots were saved and passed around social media.

Well, then. It’s nice to know you can be an American with an opinion and a job as long as you don’t ever identify yourself while giving your opinion.



Anonymous said...

In all likelihood, had the principal made a negative statement about the officer, he would not have been fired or even scolded.


terrence said...

Did you hear about the black male who was shot and killed at a pool party, by another black male on Friday evening?

Yeah, "black lives matter", except when blacks kill other blacks.

Anonymous said...

PC stupidity at it's worst. I hope the arsehole who sacked him is a victim of karma and loses his job.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the school district will have difficulty if the principal hires a lawyer.

Stan B said...

This case is a lesson in irony....