Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mitt Romney joins growing nationwide calls for Confederate flag to be taken down from South Carolina's Capitol

It flies there as a protest against Yankee arrogance and imperialism -- as it well might.  Lincoln caused the death of over 600,000 Americans. It is a memorial to them. Lincoln could have BOUGHT the slaves (and then freed them) for less than he spent on the war

Mitt Romney has joined growing calls for South Carolina's Capitol to take down its Confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston shooting.

His appeal comes three days after nine churchgoers were murdered during bible study by suspect Dylann Roof, who had Confederate plates on his car.

Hundreds of people staged a protest against the flag in Columbia, SC, on Saturday amid nationwide calls for the state government to take symbolic action. A petition on has garnered more than 320,000 signatures. 

But despite promises from state governors to 'start talking about it', there is no indication that the appeals are having an effect.



Bird of Paradise said...

Just another carpet bagger Mitt the Twit Romney

Anonymous said...

Walmart, Sears, EBay are pulling their merchandise with the Confederate Flag on it. However if you want racist rap music or posters and other merchandise of that murderer, Che Guevara, feel free to visit any of these fine merchants. Hypocrisy in action.


Hinchey said...

The flag flies as part of a memorial to the local ( confederate ) dead from the civil war - an important fact that is not mentioned !

Anonymous said...

The flag that flies above the South Carolina Capitol is surely a matter for South Carolinians.

Anonymous said...

Can't the issue be overcome with a compromise by, for example, placing a composite flag incorporating the historic Confederate flag with or within a state or city flag, and then the Confederate flag can be justified for its historic relevance without it being flown as a flag in its own right with any direct negative associations. (Sorry for being too wordy or unclear)

Anonymous said...

Although the revisionists would have you believe that the civil war was fought over slavery, the real issue was states rights. Specifically, whether the states could truly exercise the remainder of the rights and responsibilities that were not SPECIFICALLY given to the federal government by the constitution of which slavery (an accepted practice when the constitution was written and avoided in it) was an example. Lincoln and others wanted more federal power and when they crushed the south they got it. Now the federal government uses the interstate commerce excuse to write laws and regulate a host of things the founders would never have allowed.


Alpha Skua said...

To replace them with the communists hammer & psycle flags

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that Lincoln didn't ship all the slaved back to Africa after the civil war.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:04PM. The Confederate Battle Flag flew over the SC Capitol up until 2000, when it was removed and placed at the Confederate Memorial which is nearby the capitol building. The battle flag was beneath the US flag and the state flag prior to 2000. The American flag with the SC state flag underneath it are the only ones flying on the Capitol building now.