Monday, June 08, 2015

Black Attorney Disses Asians -- slapped on wrist

Price’s troubles first started in the course of his part-time private practice in a dispute with Hwang Martial Arts Academy. In a letter to the Hwangs’ lawyer, Price referred to the Hwang family as “greedy foreigners who simply did not understand simple contract relations” who were “relying on some ancient Asian principle” by not agreeing to a settlement.

Holy stereotypes, Batman! And wholly inaccurate to boot, as the Hwangs are American citizens. Not content to rest on this first instance of racism, Price doubled down, defending his letter in an interview with Insider Louisville:

“I do not think that that was derogatory,” said Price. “I thought that that was an appropriate reference to them, because I don’t know them to be American citizens… Some of those individuals (at Hwang’s) may be illegal aliens. I don’t know. My clients said that the individual they dealt with had some broken English. Now that doesn’t necessarily make them a foreigner, I understand that. But based on the information we had, no, I do not believe that that was insensitive to refer to them as that.”

These comments got back to Price’s bosses at the Jefferson County Attorney’s office. Even though the comments were made in the course of Price’s private practice, his bosses determined that the comments still violated the County Attorney’s office’s conduct policy and discredited the office. Price was dealt with by… being ordered to attend sensitivity training.



Anonymous said...

Black privilege lessons?

Bird of Paradise said...

Go back to africa and find out they never heard of Kwanzaa