Tuesday, June 02, 2015

UK:  Must not celebrate colonial times

Another self-righteous attempt to erase history

The elite Oxford Union has been accused of 'unforgivable' racism after its bar devised a new 'colonial comeback' cocktail advertised on posters showing a slave in chains.

The decision by the world's most famous debating society, which was discussing whether Britain owes former colonies reparations, has caused widespread revulsion.

Images of the poster advertising the £2.50 mix of brandy, peach schnapps and lemonade, have spread worldwide.

The incident led to an apology by the Union, whose alumni include Boris Johnson and Tony Blair.

But students at the university are not satisfied claiming it reflects 'deeper' racism and there were protests in the chamber during last night's debate.

Annie Teriba, founder of Oxford’s Black Students’ Union said afterwards: 'Apparently, it's okay to kick back in the union bar relishing in a 'Colonial comeback' cocktail. I am horrified that the Union thinks it's okay to trivialise centuries of oppression and racist violence in the form of a refreshing drink'.



Bird of Paradise said...

Theres lots of racsists out there Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton,Calypso Louie and the NBPP

Anonymous said...

What will it take for these arsholes to admit that the current generation can't be held responsible for the actions of their great,great grandfathers regardless of what they did. Every country was conquered at some time, many multiple times over. In Australia their are idiots that think we should hand back the country and pay rental for the land we currently own. I don't think so. I am a 5th generation Australian whose ancestors arrived in the mid 1800's from England and Europe. They worked and earned the money they used to buy land from the government. They didn't steal anything. They weren't convicts but free settlers looking for a better life in a new country. If the native inhabitants aren't happy they should consider what would have happened if the country was settled by a less benevolent country. Genocide may well have been on the cards.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the wealth generated in the colonies of Britain and other European countries remained with those colonies to develop them, and thus with the countries as they became "independent", including infrastructure. And many of the more enterprising natives benefited from the colonial business and administration, etc., or went to other parts of the European empires to benefit from opportunities there. Even after independence, many ex-colonies continued to get financial aid and other assistance from Britain and Europe (especially in Africa). It is nonsense to talk about the UK government of today (which means taxpayers in Britain) paying "reparations" to dozens of sovereign countries, over and above what aid is already given.
Most of Britain's population had ancestors that were cruelly exploited in the past with tacit approval of the government, so should people in Britain also demand reparations for what their forebears endured?

Anonymous said...

I am sure I read that until recently the UK was giving aid to India under their international aid program. If I remember correctly India told the UK to stick it where the sun doesn't shine as they don't need their foreign aid. That's got to be a win for the UK.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the British government had in its treasury by 1939 was spent and indebted resisting Nazi Germany, and so rather than pay reparations, perhaps Britain should have sent a bill to these ex-colonies for the expenses incurred trying to protect them (albeit many of these territories contributed to the war effort to some extent).