Monday, June 01, 2015

A sexist statue?

Feminists can tell what a statue is saying, apparently.  That must be pretty close to mental illness.  It's neurotic at least

A photo of a sculpture on a Texas college campus has gone viral after it was shared on Twitter and labeled as 'mansplaining'.

Cathy de la Cruz, 34, posted a tweet with the photo of the sculpture, Classmates, writing the caption '#Mansplaining The Statue' after she received the photo from her friend last week.

Hernandez, 34, who attended a high school with de la Cruz that is operated by the Texas university, was taking a teacher's certification test when she saw the sculpture.

She wrote in an email to Women in the World that the sculpture 'just screamed mansplaining'.

Mansplaining is described as when a man tells a woman, while in a condescending manner, how to do something she already knows how to do or tells her she is wrong about something she is actually right about, according to ScienceBlogs.

In the tweet with the photo of the sculpture shared by de la Cruz, her caption below it read: 'A friend spotted this in Texas: #Mansplaining The Statue'.

Friedman then shared de la Cruz's tweet with a slightly altered caption on Twitter: 'Mansplaining: The Statue (via @SadDiego).'



Anonymous said...

How very ridiculous !

Anonymous said...

That awful statue gave me the vapors and I felt like swooning. I am woman, hear me whine.

Anonymous said...

The answer is not that the statue is "mansplaining" but the complainant is "femvisioning", she has seen something and decided that it must be so despite the simple fact that it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Is Hernandez even man friendly or does she live in the female version of utopia where there are no men? Another feminazi battle-axe in the making. I doubt she should be certified as a teacher if she sees "mansplining" in inanimate art.

Anonymous said...

The statue obviously is good art because it is viewed differently by a variety of people and creates strong reaction. The mansplaining thing is a fabulous construct arising from the need to be viewed as a victim to increase your own worth. Not very mentally healthy but most liberal thought is not mentally sustainable.


President Not Sure said...

While hes not taking up 2 spots on the bench, he is certainly manspreading. Doesnt that count as an -ist?