Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fancy-dress stores forced to remove 'Terrorist Man' costumes after customer backlash

Just two days after Australia’s new national security boss said that there’ll be a growing threat of extremist terrorism for generations to come, the warning is not being taken as seriously elsewhere as fancy dress costumes of ISIS terrorists are being sold in the country.

National Counter Terrorism Coordinator Greg Moriarty prediction came after a new plan to stop the radicalisation of would-be jihadists was announced by Victoria Police.

However, despite this clear and real danger to the Australian public, terrorist fancy dress costumes are for sale at a Broadmeadows discount store in Victoria while others can be bought on eBay.

The ‘Terrorist Man’ costume was on sale at Giant 2 Discounts in Broadmeadows shopping centre in Victoria, but has seen been since withdrawn from sale after complaints.

On the cover of the pack is a man dressed in a keffiyeh hat, white shirt and trousers, with a long beard and holding an imitation AK47. Daily Mail Australia could not get a response from the Broadmeadows shop's owners.



Anonymous said...

Learn something new every day, didn't know that the ZZ Top guys were terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Wearing one would be a good way to get yourself shot in many areas of the US. Maybe this is a plan to find the truly brain dead.


Anonymous said...

It's kind'a hard to know what to wear or how to look to avoid getting shot in the US these days!

Bird of Paradise said...

Just as bad as those freakin Guy Fawkes masks the OWS were running around in

Anonymous said...

If I saw that on the streets on of Melbourne I would laugh myself to death. What does the average terrorist wear these days? Look in the mirror. You won't recognise them because they don't want to be recognised. This nonsense is just some pc idiots version of stereotyping.

Alpha Skua said...

Walk into store wearing their Guy Fawkes masks and get blown away of arrested Liberal Stupidity know no bounds

President Not Sure said...

Anon 9:44: The last time I went trick-or-treating as a kid I went out in the clothes I wore to school that day and when people asked about my "costume" I told them I was a serial killer. We look like everyone else. Picking out the terrorist would be just as hard.