Friday, June 19, 2015

TX:  Another teacher fired for blaming blacks for McKinney riot

Dangerous to mention reality

For the second time this week, a schoolteacher has been removed from their job for a Facebook posting that was ill-judged. To say the least.

As the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reports, elementary-school teacher Karen Fitzgibbons saw the YouTube video from McKinney, Texas, in which a police officer dragged a 14-year-old girl in a bikini to the ground by her hair and pinned her with his knees. Fitzgibbons noted that the officer had resigned and that she felt the need to comment on Facebook.

Fitzgibbons, who's white, wrote: "I'm going to just go ahead and say it ... the blacks are the ones causing the problems and this 'racial tension.' I guess that's what happens when you flunk out of school and have no education."

She was fired from Bennett Elementary School, which is itself in McKinney. Perhaps it didn't help that she also added her thoughts on racial segregation to the post.

She wrote: "I'm almost to the point of wanting them all segregated on one side of town so they can hurt each other and leave the innocent people alone. Maybe the 50s and 60s were really on to something. Now, let the bashing of my true and honest opinion begin....GO! #imnotracist #imsickofthemcausingtrouble..."



Anonymous said...

Truth will be severely punished by the Liberal crowd.

Anonymous said...

She just said what a lot of people think.

Anonymous said...

Jack Nicholson said it best "You can't handle the truth". That seems to be the case in America's black community these days. They are unwilling to accept responsibility for the low education rate of their children, always finding someone else to blame or the high incarceration rate of black people, always somebody else's failure to deal with today's issues. Until and unless the black community reigns in it's teenagers and young adults in order to get them to comply with good social order the problem will not go away but only worsen. There are many good role models for young black people but unfortunately the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the new black panthers negate the good that role models do. The few undo the work of the many who are trying to do good. Overcome this issue and the perhaps racial equality can truly be achieved but not before the current president steps down.

Stan B said...

Chris Rock - still relevant today!

L. Farrakhan said...

Just the sort of thing I'd expect a bigoted monkey pig ice person to say.

Bird of Paradise said...

We need to return to home schooling and get the kids away from the leftists indoctrination of the NEA