Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Must not listen to wartime speeches

The Hitler era is widely scorned in Germany today so these guys were most likely just laughing at the fanatical old speech. I have listened to it myself yet Nazism is everything I oppose

Two German policemen have been carpeted and could face the sack for playing one of the most infamous of Nazi speeches given by wartime propaganda maestro Joseph Goebbels over their radios as they guarded world leaders at last weekend's G7 summit.

Bonn police admitted that disciplinary proceedings have been launched against the two officers who played Goebbels' 'Total War' speech which he made in 1943 following the crushing German military defeat at Stalingrad.

The young officers in question were part of a 17,000 strong police contingent assembled around Elmau in Bavaria to protect world leaders like David Cameron, President Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to officials, they downloaded the Goebbels speech from the Internet and played it over short range devices.

It contains the infamous quote: 'Do you want Total War?' which Goebbels barked at the fevered Nazi audience in the Berlin Sportspalast as he exhorted them to make ever greater sacrifices for the conflict which was already lost.

Because all radio traffic in and around Elmau was being monitored by other units of the German police, eavesdropping to thwart potential terrorist plots, the officers' transmissions were instantly rumbled.

Whether they were larking about or harbour neo-Nazi tendencies was not immediately clear, although the police said they did not believe they were right wingers.

The two officers were sent home before the end of the summit. 'The reputation of the police of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia has been recognisably damaged,' added Scholten.



Anonymous said...

Some people are just not very smart.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals have no brains just a lot of empty space in the heads

Alpha Skua said...

Better then listening to Obamas mindless oinking