Thursday, June 04, 2015

Students must not make disrespectful comments about women

I doubt that anybody needs to do anything about this.  Guys with a conemptuous attitude towards women will eventually find that no women want to know them. They might then change their tune

Videos made by students at an exclusive boys school which shows them making disrespectful comments about women ahead of their years 12 formal have surfaced online.

A parent complained to the principal of the $20,000-a-year The Southport School after one of the YouTube clips was played at the school's formal on May 23 at Outriggers hotel on Surfers Paradise in Queensland, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

At least three mock documentary-style videos have been viewed 45,000 times after they were posted online, with the one shown at the formal since being removed from YouTube.

It has been reported one of the students lost his position as a school leader after being identified in a video.



Randall Flagg said...

Fuc,king bitches ruin everything.

Bird of Paradise said...

The old mindless old hens cant stop clucking

Nick Andros said...

You ruin everything Randall.