Monday, June 08, 2015

Old jokes return to haunt lady wrestler

Former TNA Knockouts champion Havok would rather be in the news for something more positive, like landing a big-time WWE contract or something. Unfortunately, on the eve of one of the biggest opportunities in her career as a wrestler, the smashmouth lady grappler is immersed in a sea of controversy.

Wrestlezone reports that Havok, whose real name is Jessica Cricks, had a pall cast upon her recent participation in WWE tryouts when a batch of some incendiary tweets came to the attention of the online community. The tweets — most of which include language too offensive to reproduce verbatim here — feature racially insensitive language as well as racial and homophobic epithets. Ringside News notes that the “dozens” of inflammatory tweets by Havok include a racially charged joke about WWE wrestler R-Truth and another tweet in which a Twitter user is told to “get AIDS and die.”

According to TWNP News, Havok deleted the offensive tweets, some of which dated back to 2011. She later issued an online apology.

“I want to apologize whole heartedly for the OLD tweets that are being brought up right now.” Havok’s post read. “Legit, It was years ago and i don’t even rem.tweeting over half of this stuff. The stuff i do remember was jokes that were in bad taste. I was young and very new to social media promo and i was very immature and just said things to make my friends laugh at the time. Inside jokes between us.



Anonymous said...

Ah, the stupidity defence. Young and naïve. Social media posters need to learn that if you post it you own it. There is no walking it back.

Bird of Paradise said...

Q. How many liberals dose it take to screw in a light bulb? A. None they prefer to live in the dark