Friday, June 19, 2015

Swastikas and Nazi salutes see Mexican girls' cheer-dance team coming under fire for a themed routine that was in poor taste

Countries that were not involved in WWII are often indifferent to its issues

A cheer-dance team in Mexico has drawn criticism for a routine in which they displayed flags with swastikas, dressed in pseudo-military outfits and one girl appeared to toss a Nazi salute to the crowd.

The performance by about two dozen girls aged 10 to 16 and one boy, came at a cheer-dance competition in the western city of Guadalajara at the end of May.

The girls wore red armbands, camouflage dance outfits and carried red flags as they strutted in marching-style formations.

A video of the performance drew condemnation when it began to circulate on social media sites.

On local news sites, many readers said the girls probably didn't know much about the Nazis, and blamed the event organizers and the team's choreographer for the questionable routine.

Mexico doesn't have any significant neo-Nazi movements.

Cheer/dance competitions combine cheerleading and dance routines.



Anonymous said...

It has been 70 years since the end of World War II; that is ancient history to young people.

Anonymous said...

Who really gives a rat's when the predominant enemy today is ISIL, ISIS, IS Daesh or what ever you want to call this scum. They are as guilty of atrocity as much if not more than the Germans, Russian or partisan forces during WW2. Let's deal with the present first before we worry about teenagers who may not realise that they offend some people.

stinky said...

A tellingly accurate commentary on the teaching of history these days.

Bird of Paradise said...

In some religions the Swastka is a holy emblem

Anonymous said...

Every empire/civilisation has committed atrocities of one type or another.
Rome completely obliterated Carthage so are children not allowed to dress as Romans? The Athenians wiped out Melos so are Greek costumes banned?
The list is long and goes on throughout history right up to the present.
So, is it just a matter of how long in the past it was or is there something special about Nazis?

Anonymous said...

These days Casper the friendly ghost would be arrested for dressing like the KKK.