Thursday, June 04, 2015

Advertisement featuring a living skeleton condemned

This advert may be for a fashion house, but the first thing you notice about the model isn’t her clothes – it’s her worryingly frail figure.

Promoting Yves Saint Laurent, the woman in a black dress and platform shoes lies artfully on the floor with her rib cage visible through her skin and astonishingly thin legs.

The image, which appeared in Elle magazine, triggered a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, which has ruled it was ‘irresponsible’.

The firm has also been censured by the watchdog for using ‘anorexia chic’ to promote its clothes and has been banned from using the picture.  

Campaigners have become increasingly alarmed over the use of advertising images to promote being thin as the normal, desired body shape and so effectively shaming women to conform.

YSL said simply that it did not believe the model was unhealthily thin and refused to give any further defence or justification.


Any promotion of an unhealthy lifestyle seems pretty dubious to me.  It is a form of harming people.


Anonymous said...

So obese is OK but anorexic is not? Both have significant health risk but this is not about being healthy but comes from the perpetual professional aggrieved.


Bird of Paradise said...

Skinny Minnie meets fat matt

stinky said...

I thought all women's bodies were considered equally beautiful? Some more equal than others, I guess.

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why young girls develop anorexia with role models like that.

Anonymous said...

I thought France just passed a law against using anorexic models.

Anonymous said...

Should we also ban models with enhanced chests. Doesn't that also send a bad message to teen girls that their bodies aren't good enough?

Anonymous said...

6:03 AM

Big tits vs anorexia: which one leads to an early death? When it comes to big tits I hope the girl finds a partner who tells her that size doesn't matter. When it comes to anorexia it doesn't matter what you tell them as the damage to the mind is almost complete. Not mention Kim's fat arse. That is not a pretty site. What is it with Americans and large caboose's?