Thursday, June 25, 2015

Scotland: Muslim call to prayer must not be criticized

It would certainly irritate me to be forced to listen to it 5 times a day

A residents group has been branded racist after it urged locals to 'stock up on ear plugs' to block out Ramadan prayers from a nearby mosque.

The EH4 Residents Association, which represents those living in Drylaw, Edinburgh, has been slammed by equality campaigners after it posted the controversial statement on its Facebook page.

The message written on May 30, which has since been removed, said: 'Ramadan is early this year. Jun 18-Jul 17. If you live close to the [Blackhall] mosque and have to stay put, might be an idea to stock up on headphones/ earplugs etc.'

The organisation, set up to represent residents and to address concerns over issues such as crime, traffic and street lighting, has since been branded as 'hateful'.

Foysol Choudhury, chairman of the Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council, said the post would have been seen as offensive to Muslims.

'For anyone to refer to the use of headphones to avoid hearing prayers from a mosque is a hateful religious and racial insult that is based on Islamophobia,' he said.

Cllr lain Whyte, Conservative member for Inverleith, said: 'I know the mosque has gone out of its way to reduce any noise that comes from the building.

'My understanding is that if somebody feels offended for reasons of race or religion then that is an offence.

'I would hope that if people have said something that has caused offence, they would recognise that and apologise for it.'



Anonymous said...

Shut them down with noise laws. Nothing racist in that. If they object then walk in and cut the speakers cables and hand them an infringement notice. The law needs to be applied equally regardless of race, creed, colour od religion. One law for all or leave.

Anonymous said...

Foysol Choudhury? Any relation to Anjem Choudhury the master baiter?

Anonymous said...

With such a position on such a Council, Foysol Choudhury doesn't sound like a name certain to be unbiased and objective in a Muslim-related case as this one is !

Use the Name, Luke said...

The principle of free speech is that you have a right to argue for your beliefs. It does not mean you have a right to force people to listen.

Bird of Paradise said...

Not even when their blocking the streets with their bowing to mecca?

Malcolm Smith said...

What do they mean, "block out Ramadan prayers"? Prayers normally can't be heard from outside. Presumably what they mean is the muezzin's call to prayer. Now, it must be remembered that the muezzin, like church bells, comes from a time before alarm clocks. These days no-one needs a muezzin or a bell to tell him when the hour of prayer or a service is approaching. However, at least church bells are rung only when most people are already awake, one day a week. The muezzin, by definition, must call 5 days a day, every day, including dawn. Considering it is now produced by a loud speaker, this is a real imposition.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Christians would be equally welcome to hold prayers around Christmas in any Muslim country. NOT

Alpha Skua said...

Communists oppose any kind of religion thats the ideas from evil man like Karl Marx