Friday, June 26, 2015

UK: Beer company 'makes light of child abuse'

A rather idiotic ad.  Not clear what the message was meant to be

A beer brand was forced to apologise last night after being accused of joking about child abuse to sell pints on Father’s Day.

A post on the official Twitter page for London Pride sparked a backlash after it appeared to trivialise hitting children.

The promotional tweet, pictured above, said: ‘For those telling offs, clips round the ear, raised eyebrows... and that first pint of Pride. #HappyFathersDay.’

It was removed after users on the social networking site bombarded the account with outraged messages and threats to boycott the beer.

The beer’s official Twitter account later said: ‘Point taken, post deleted. Apologies for any offence caused.’

A Fuller’s spokesman said: ‘We put up a tweet which was badly thought through. It was taken down as soon as we realised it was inappropriate.’



Use the Name, Luke said...

"Telling off"

"Clips 'round the ear"

"Raised eyebrows"

Those are all forms of fatherly discipline necessary to raise children to become well adjusted, moral adults. Not doing those things leads to physically mature children with no sense of right and wrong, who therefore do whatever they want, including tantrums and violence to get their way. (Essentially physically mature two year olds.)

So disciplining children is "child abuse"? Hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Which does more damage to a child?

A. Responsible corporal punishment.

B. Raising a child in a no repercussions bubble so that the first time they insult someone (often a police officer) outside that bubble they get hammered.

It could be argued that there is a method to effectively get through to a child that they are at risk of violence due to their behavior without them experiencing violence but I seriously doubt how effective it would be.


Bird of Paradise said...

I see some Intellectiual knownothing twat wants to end Fathers Day the same they want to do with Mothers Day Typical leftists scum-rats