Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Australia: Must not mention admirable breasts

A fitness model is suing the Commonwealth Bank and her former boss for sexual harassment in the workplace, claiming the manager told her she was ‘sexy’ with ‘perfect boobs’ and suggested she was limping due to rough sex.

Mary Molloy, 23, has filed documents with the Federal Court, claiming she endured months of unlawful discrimination from Frank Lopez, the former manager of the bank’s Queen Street Mall branch in Brisbane.

Ms Molloy, a former bank teller, claims the father-of-three lewdly compared her to Kate Winslet in a nude scene in the film 'Titanic' and allegedly sent her texts to say he would ‘kiss her if he was with her’, according to The Courier Mail.

The bank and Mr Lopez are defending the allegations, claiming the comments ‘were not unwelcome sexual harassment’ as Mr Lopez and Ms Molloy were friends.

Ms Molloy lodged her claim in July last year after resigning in May. Mr Lopez was stood down by the bank on July 17 and is now the manager of a Mount Isa caravan park.

Mary Molloy posts videos of her workouts on Instagram

Ms Molloy claims she was promised a pay rise and promotion but it never eventuated, prompting her resignation.



Anonymous said...

Spoiled bitch.

Use the Name, Luke said...

This appears to be a case of going well beyond a simple comment or compliment. If Miss Molloy's accusations are true, then Mr. Lopez did cross the line from free speech to abusing his position to force himself upon her. If they're not true, then she has lied, which is not acceptable free speech.

I have to say that this story seems out of place here. I would think that Janet Napolitano using the specious assertion of "microagression" to suppress virtuous speech and ideas would be far more appropriate to the free speech focus of this blog.

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Anonymous said...

So she "endured " harassment for months but quit only when she didn't get a raise? Sounds like she thought the guy flirting with her was going to give her a raise, when he didn't she retaliated.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Luke however apparently she went on a couple dates with the guy. This might have led him to believe he was in with a chance where otherwise, by the look of him, there was no way!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she shouldn't advertise the wares if she is not in the market. Obviously a narcissist. Personally I like my women not looking like weight lifters with plastic tits.