Thursday, June 18, 2015

The DMV’s Lunatic Speech Dictatorship

What do the Confederate flag, the words "Respect Choice" and the message "Choose Life" have in common? DMVs in many states are arbitrarily banning them from license plates.

Texas officials nixed the Confederate flag after an African-American pastor labeled it a symbol of oppression at a public hearing, though nine other states allow it.

New York officials sell specialized license plates that promote union membership - but not adoption. The state claims any message linked to a pro-life cause is "patently offensive." North Carolina tried the opposite, authorizing pro-life plates but not pro-choice.

These officials are claiming to be peacekeepers, cracking down to avoid the possibility anyone could be insulted while driving.
Sorry, but that's un-American.

The exchange of ideas, however controversial (some would say especially the controversial ones), has always been the bedrock of our democracy.

Dictatorships and Muslim theocracies silence controversial ideas by jailing dissidents and imposing blasphemy laws. Our Constitution bars government from doing that.

And it's alarming to see government officials chipping away at our free-speech rights by censoring at whim what can be advertised on buses and subways - or displayed on the license plates of our own private cars and trucks.



Anonymous said...

If I wanted "Choose Death" on my plate, would the Leftists embrace it or denounce it? I suppose everyone needs to start speaking in a constantly shifting code, oh wait, that's what's happening.

Anonymous said...

A motor vehicle license is a certificate of tax payment. Specialty plates are a revenue generation device and states are too greedy not to allow them. Once a state allowed any specialty plate they lost the right to deny others on any grounds.


Bird of Paradise said...

I sure wish someone would tell that idiot Pastor to keep his fat nose out of private lives Just another would be Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton trouble maker

Malcolm Smith said...

How about a radical idea: ban all social and political comment from number plates provided by the government. It's not as if people can't put these comments on their own private car window stickers.

Alpha Skua said...

Enerybody nees to walk out of his church and not come back find a better church and a better pastor that wont whine about licsens plates

Anonymous said...

Malcolm. That is the next thing they will go after. Any offensive stickers on cars and the car will be ticketed. Offensive as defined by anyone who complains.

Anonymous said...

Ban one, ban all.

Flu-Bird said...

Then theres the DUKES of HAZARDS car the GENERAL LEE with the conferate flag on the roof will they demand all car shows ban them from displaying it? these africans need to either learn Tolrence or just GO HOME