Friday, January 30, 2015

Turkish MP to be prosecuted for calling death of 1.5million Armenians 'a lie'

Muslims are big on denial

Amal Clooney is to appear in a high-profile case against a Turkish politician who denies the killing of 1.5million Armenians in 1915 amounted to genocide.

Mrs Clooney will advise the Eurasian country as they challenge the appeal of Doğu Perinçek, who was found guilty by a Swiss court in 2008.

His appeal is now being challenged by Armenia, which argues that denying the 1915 genocide is a crime on par with Holocaust denial.

Doğu Perinçek the leader of the Turkish Workers Party was fined by a Swiss court in 2008 after calling the 1915 genocide an ‘international lie’, during a visit to Switzerland.

Mr Perinçek later appealed to the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled that Switzerland had violated his right to free expression in December 2013.

Armenia also says that the European Court of Human Rights’s ruling on Mr Perinçek’s 2013 appeal contains legal and factual errors.

This April marks the 100th anniversary of the massacre of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks.

Turkey rejects the term ‘genocide,’ says the death figure is inflated and that people died on both sides as the Ottoman Empire collapsed amid World War I.



Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that Muslims can't be held to Human Rights standards. They are beyond reproach or at least the UNHRC believes so. Wouldn't be surprised to hear them say it was suicide not genocide. Turkey is fast becoming a basket case. Time for NATO to throw them out as the no longer contribute.

Anonymous said...

I would not believe anything that Turks say.