Friday, January 16, 2015

Former Ukip candidate and ex-Marine faces jail for emailing racist slurs and picture of pig's head to mosque

A PICTURE of a pig is offensive?  Muslims must hate Peppa pig

A former UK Independence Party candidate faced jail today for emailing racist slurs to a mosque and posting a photograph of a pig’s head on Facebook.

Ex-Marine Ian Couch, 54, sent the offensive messages in a drunken rage after becoming angry at TV reports of the beheading of journalist James Foley by ISIS militants.

Couch, a former counter terrorism operative, also posted racial slurs on Facebook alongside a picture of a pig’s head he kept in his fridge.  Police seized the head when they raided his home in Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire, and Couch claimed he had bought it for his dogs.

The court heard Couch made anti-Muslim comments such as ‘your religion is a disgrace’, ‘how many heads do you have as a trophy’ and ‘the sooner we destroy Islam the better’.

And among his posts on Facebook was one that said: ‘Isn't it funny that they can cut off women and children’s heads but can't touch a pig's?’

Couch denied two counts of sending offensive messages and claimed he had a right to freedom of expression.

But magistrates rejected this in Cambridge last Thursday and told Couch he faced jail. Presiding magistrate Marisa Johnson said his actions were ‘indefensible’.



Stan B said...

What's "indefensible" is people who can't tell a "race" from a "religion" from a cult of pedophile worshiping pansies.

Anonymous said...

Politically correct nonsense.
There is not any general right to not be offended.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Let me get this straight…

Posting comments opposing beheading is "indefensible", but the beheadings and motive behind them are defendable?

How is it even possible to be that obtuse?

Jerry Doctor said...

Stories like this cease to surprise once you recognize that the people in the UK are not free.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is *free* when Islamists are on the loose in all Western countries and everyone is running scared not to upset the Muslims in case it get's any worse - which it will.

Bird of Pardise said...

Political Correctness is idiotic nonsense I mean the European Union has been allowing too many islamics into their union

Anonymous said...

Any sane person in the West who is not offended by the actions of the religion of peace need to spend time in one of the Muslim controlled countries.

Olaf Koenders said...

Let's send Marisa the magistrate to a Muslim country sans burqa and see how indefensible showing a patch of skin or hair is.

That'll teach her.