Tuesday, January 06, 2015

When Hate Speech Leads to Hate Crimes

America and the West are subjected nonstop to a barrage of hate speech from the intelligentsia. Hate speech leads to hate crimes, here as everywhere. Few people have faced up to the extent of the hate crimes and hate speech against the West. The murder of the two New York City policemen Saturday is only the tip of the iceberg.

Literally thousands of inciters have propagated a dishonest storyline of widespread police violence against blacks. And what we’ve seen in recent months is only the current instance in a long history of incitement against the West.

A view of the West as enemy is cultivated in universities across the country as the cutting edge of moral thinking, with full rein given to a very un-academic manner of speech, replete with the colorful language of vilification. From these heights, the same attitudes inevitably seep into other venues, including textbooks for much younger students.

And so, on issue after issue, year after year, the media speak in a language of blaming the West and identifying with anger against the West.

The unseen iceberg of hate crimes against the West is similarly massive, on a scale that few can imagine. 9/11 was one incident among many around the world. Domestically, unacknowledged hate crimes in the street — violent crimes motivated in part by the hate that is cultivated against mainstream society — number more than half a million a year.

The primary ground and origin of hate lies in the very subculture that criticizes “hate” most often, because it is uses “hate” as a label for smearing those it doesn’t like.

Viewed in full, hate crimes against the West — against Americans, against Westerners, and against groups and religions identified as pro-Western — run into the millions.

If the white victims of interracial violence were shown on nationwide TV every day — with posters that proclaimed White Lives Matter! — the current form of incitement would collapse of its own weight.

The conclusion is inescapable: The incitement depends on the media’s massive deception of the public, deception about the plain facts about who is usually killing whom. This deception also includes, in nearly every specific instance recently highlighted nationwide, deception about the weight of the evidence about who is guilty.



Anonymous said...

Black on black crime is seldom mentioned in the media.

Anonymous said...

Many blacks who are being arrested routinely utilize profane hate speech to try and provoke the arresting officers. If the officers respond the criminals lawyers will utilize the response as proof of racism and attack the arrest on those grounds. This was pioneered by the ultra left think tanks and it has had too much success.


Bird of Paradise said...

Annon. 101 That's becuase its the truth and the media lowlife no account sidewinders and cowardly polecats dont want you to read,see or hear the truth kind of like the tree monkeys SEE NO TRUTH,SPEAK TO TRUTH,HEAR NO TRUTH

Use the Name, Luke said...

One of the key psychological tricks necessary for soldiers to be able to kill another human being is to turn that person into something less that human; the "Other" that needs to be destroyed. If you look at wartime propaganda (from all sides) and from just prior to wars, you always see the "other side" being dehumanized. This includes caricatures, both visual and written, imputation of vicious motives, and ginning up an "us vs. them" by making "us" seem more noble. You especially see this "nobility" theme being overdone in ideologies which are notably not noble, such as fascism and communism.

It's frequently been said that conservatives think the left is stupid, and the left thinks conservatives are evil. This "they're evil" mindset is the result of such dehumanization propaganda carried out over decades. Over the last several years the propagandization increased significantly over the previous decades ("I want you to argue with them and get in their face." —Barak Obama) and has increased exponentially in the last few months.

It seems clear to me that the left-wing wants war. That's why they're telling their follows to hate "The Other"—whites, the "rich" (not the left's rich, of course), conservatives, males, the police, etc., etc., etc.