Sunday, January 18, 2015

UK: Must not mention that someone is 'Foreign'

A goalkeeper was given an eight-match ban and told to attend an anti-racism course by the FA after allegedly calling a Polish referee foreign.

Rob Dennis was sent off while playing for Sandiacre Town in Derby for a tackle which left his opponent with a broken leg.

When his team urged the referee, a Polish national, to reconsider, the 27-year-old said he was overheard commenting that it was unlikely the referee would change his mind and that he was foreign.

His comments were reported to the FA and deemed an aggravated breach of rules.

As a result Mr Dennis, a father-of-two, was given a three-month ban and told to attend an anti-racism course.


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Anonymous said...

Surely the course would be for anti-xenophobia, as Poles are not a different race to the "offender".
The term "racism/racist" is so loosely used and to become meaningless.